Former refugee plants garden of jewels

With unique shapes and designs made from a wide range of materials from handcrafted fine silver to natural stones, Garden of Desire is a gallery of creative jewelry exuding an impeccably elegant style that the wearer will treasure as it inspires other’s curiosity.

For instance, one of the best designs is their rattan vine silver ring. Handmade from polished sterling silver, it is formed as a whirl which wraps around the finger.

French-Cambodian co-founder Ly Pisith explains that throughout Cambodian homes and villages the age-old art of weaving is still being practiced, whether of silk textiles, patterned ikat fabrics, woven cotton garments, bamboo baskets, reed mats or rattan furniture.

Part of the shop’s Nature Collection, the rattan vine silver ring pays tribute to this local artistic tradition and to the shape of the rattan vine itself. Rattan is one of the most essential forest products in the greater Mekong region, helping to preserve local livelihoods as export products and material for making furniture or homes.

“I create pieces that are innately linked to my Cambodian roots that celebrate our built, natural and cultural heritage. My interests also pan out across art and design, architecture, music and nature and they inform how I create. Our everyday surroundings are a source of context as well,” Pisith tells The Post.


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Former refugee plants garden of jewels Roth Sochieata | Publication date 08 August 2021 |