Garden of Desire is a gallery of creative jewellery designs with an established style. We incorporates unique shapes and textures in our collections which consist of a wide range of materials from handcrafted 955 Fine Silver, 925 Sterling Silver, 18K gold to natural stones. These handcrafted silver jewellery pieces exude an impeccable elegant style.



“It is easy to make something pretty if you just follow trends. Creating something beautiful involves a deeper examination, and is not necessarily a reflection of what is ‘pretty’. I design my pieces in a way similar to storytelling. A piece of jewellery can bring out the personality and taste of the wearer, my work evokes a certain feel and look that one can identify with...”-Ly Pisith                                                                                                                           

A former designer of fashion spectacles for Alain Mikli, Starck and a clutch of other haute couture international names in Paris, Ly Pisith founded Garden of Desire in 2008, a year after returning to his home country, Cambodia. He is the creative force behind this gallery where he creates a seasonal collection that identifies every item of jewellery as a work of art.