Unboxing the New

Progressing and adapting to changes while maintaining our strong roots and culture have been a constant at Garden of Desire. Journeying into the next decade, it is timely to strengthen our brand’s presence and aim for international growth as we evolve beyond our present identity. All while holding on firmly to our history, tradition and culture.


Our Emblem


The Emblem features a stylized Kbach Chan, an ancient Khmer decorative motif with a precious stone set within. It represents the essence of our design principles – modern yet ageless, global yet rooted in heritage – ushering in a new Cambodian contemporary.


The Colours

The deep silver tone in our fonts symbolises the Silver material that we work with, the heart of Garden of Desire. Silver being versatile and everlasting has been our preferred medium to translate our thoughts and inspiration into contemporary wearable art. It remains an integral part of our identity.

Paired with a Royal Blue hue that echoes the elegance and sophistication of our designs while holding firmly to our traditional roots.