Gemstones We Use: Labradorite

The brilliant hues of Labradorite have often been likened to the Northern Lights, and the stone itself has been associated with ancient Inuit myths and several esoteric superstitions. It is believed that those who hold Labradorite in their possession will be granted access to the ethereal and dream worlds. It is also said that Labradorite can act as a protective guide through different planes of consciousness.

Named after Labrador, Canada where it is commonly found, the Inuits believed that fallen rays from the Auroras were captured within the stones. The story follows that an ancient Inuit warrior stumbled upon the first stone and proceeded to smash it apart, thus releasing the Northern lights from their prison to once again illuminate the night skies. Thankfully, he only managed to destroy a few, leaving the rest of the Labradorite behind for us to enjoy. 

Labradorite is widely known and sought after today for its Labradorescence, where the stone seems to light up from the inside, rather than simply glow on the surface. Its journey around the world first began when it was discovered by Moravian missionaries who sold the gemstones to British merchants in order to fund their outreach missions. Since then, it gained popularity in Europe, inspiring new fashion trends as jewellers began to incorporate the bright stones in their designs. Even today, Labradorite can be found in modern jewellery designs and are worn for both aesthetic and spiritual purposes.

The colours of Labradorite range from shades of deep blue to light green, and the stone is said to stimulate the crown, third eye and throat chakras. It is believed that Labradorite can help people get started on a new path in life, giving them the voice they need and opening their hearts to positive changes. In the past, Labradorite was also used by Shamans and tribal leaders to guide them through hardships, based on the belief that just as the Auroras light up the night, so can the Labradorite be a ray of hope to those who travel in darkness.

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